At Eataly, we believe that the more you know, the more you enjoy. Good eating is all about engagement and education. So, for the final step in our eat-shop-learn philosophy, we invite you to our cooking classes and beyond!

Through our exciting classes for kids and adults, in-store tasting sessions and engaging events, you will get to know our food, our chefs, and the producers who inspire us.

Learn to shape gnocchi, cook Italian regional dishes, pronounce “bruschetta” like a true Italian, and taste the difference between an extra virgin olive oil from Toscana vs. Sicilia.
Also, keep an eye out for our live demonstrations, meet-the-producer events, and complimentary tastings throughout the marketplace. Learning has never tasted so good!

Activities are updated monthly, so don’t forget to check the schedules in your favourite stores!

Contact us for more details!