Middle East is Eatalian

Eataly is proud to announce the opening of stores in Doha, Qatar and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our new stores will enable the people of these two great cities to enjoy the finest quality Italian food, learn new cookery skills and dine in style on delicacies from all over the Italian peninsula.

Eataly Doha

An Italian food marketplace, with a difference

At our markets all over the world, we sell artisan pestos, pasta, sweets, flour – all of the finest ingredients that go into authentic Italian dishes. If you’ve ever been to Italy and dined at the finest restaurants in Milan, Naples or Rome, you’ll know how extraordinary the tastes of the country are. That exceptional taste comes from the quality of the ingredients used by Italian chefs, and at Eataly, we make them available to people all over the world. Now, with the opening of our branches in Doha and Riyadh, foodies in the Middle East can stock their kitchens with everything from stoneground Mulino Marino flour to Afeltra pasta and Niasca Portofino pestos. When you add them to your cooking, you’ll instantly know the difference between mass produced ingredients and the real thing.

A superb Italian restaurant in your neighbourhood

However, at Eataly we don’t want to leave all the work to chefs in their own home. Our Riyadh and Doha markets double up as gourmet restaurants, showcasing foods from all over Italy. In the two stores, we’ve divided our restaurant area into six sections. There are eateries dedicated to traditional pizza, pasta dishes, vegetable based meals, fried foods like arancini, meat and fish and a rotisserie section that only serves up succulent roasted dishes. In both cities, you’ll find also many counters as cafes, ice cream corners, juice bars and corners devoted to Nutella and cheeses too. Whether you are in Qatar or Saudi Arabia, there won’t be a bigger range of Italian foods anywhere in the city. Our restaurants and cafes will be the perfect place to take friends, relax and taste different dishes. We want to introduce local people to the finest Italian tastes, so take a table and start your culinary adventure.

Eataly Riyadh

Learn new Italian cookery skills at Eataly

You don’t need to limit yourself to ordering from a menu, though. We’ve coupled our wide-ranging grocery selection with an innovative idea: at Eataly, you’ll find several chef stations manned by Italian food experts. They will lead you through the right way to prepare signature dishes like penne all’arrabbiata, spaghetti alla carbonara or pizza napoletana dough. They will explain all of the various production techniques that lie behind the delicious artisan pastas and sauces we sell. And they will offer handy tips and tricks to use in your own kitchen, because for us showing people how Italian food is made and used is just as important as savouring its taste.

Great locations in two wonderful cities

If you want to explore Italian culinary techniques, dine on freshly cooked Italian dishes or stock up on artisan groceries, Eataly is the place to go. Our Riyadh location at Tahlia Street, and our Doha store in the Mall of Qatar are easy to get to and are open seven days a week. We are looking forward to welcoming food lovers in both cities. As Eataly CEO Luca Baffigo Filangieri says, our “unique approach to celebrating and educating consumers about Italian food, is the ideal fit for the Middle Eastern market and its sophisticated, food-savvy consumers.” So come along and meet us and get to know true Italian food at Eataly’s Doha and Riyadh stores.