Brush up on our baking skills with Eataly chocolate courses

Chocolate is probably the tastiest and most versatile product used in baking. Whether it is being used to top a cake or coat a lollipop, rich, creamy chocolate is always a crowd pleaser. Available in dark, milk and white varieties, chocolate also looks great, which means it can be used to add the finishing touches to almost any type of baked good. If you’ve ever wanted to master the art of using chocolate for baking, you need to read on.
Use chocolate at the right time and in the right way, and you can transform your sweet treats into something truly unique. But if you need to brush up on your skills, help is at hand in Eataly store located in The Dubai Mall. During the month of February, our chocolate experts will be holding classes aimed at people who want to improve their culinary skills. This is your chance to learn a few things, as well as enjoy some quality time with your children and the rest of your family. So further your chocolate education by attending one of our fun and educational courses designed for people of all ages.

Chocolate courses in Dubai

Kids Kitchen: Chocolate Decoration

Your kids can learn how to decorate chocolate bars in our fun and friendly Chocolate Decoration class. Bring the kids along on February 4th between 11am and 12:30pm, where they will get the chance to create their very own sweet treats. There will be plenty to taste too!

Family Kitchen: Castagnole

This is your chance to learn the basics of making classic Castagnole, one of the most famous Italian Carnival sweets. These delicious fried doughballs are a real delicacy in Italy, and you can learn how to make them the traditional way. You and your child can learn together on February 11st between 11am and 12.30pm, making it a great family day out.

Chocolate courses in Dubai

Family Kitchen: Cupcakes Chocolate Decoration

You and your child can learn the art of decorating cupcakes with chocolate at this fun and relaxed event. Come along between 11am and 12.30pm on February 18th, where our cupcake experts will demonstrate how to use chocolate to bring your cupcakes to life.

Chocolate courses in Dubai

Kids Kitchen: Lollipops

This one is for the kids, although they will need to be supervised. Our in-store chocolate experts will be teaching youngsters how to make chocolate lollipops from scratch. There will be plenty of free chocolate and toppings to try out, so why not come along on February 24th between 11am and 12.30pm?

Nothing tops off a cake, a pastry or a sweet like chocolate. Enhance your chocolate skills and enjoy a great day out with the family by booking your place on one of our in-store chocolate courses!