Children: visit Italy with Eataly!

The main goal of Eataly is to promote the quality food culture. And in this sense it is vital that children, the consumers of the future, understand the importance of eating well from an early age. Eataly Dubai Kids Summer Camp, scheduled in Dubai stores from August 6th, has been designed to introduce children to the food, culture and language of Italy through a course of fun demonstrations and hands-on cookery classes. Read the complete program!

Dubai Kids summer camp

WEEK ONE – Let’s Turn Italian! An introduction to the Italian classics

Each week starts with a “Get to know each other” on Sunday. During the week, our budding experts will learn about Italy and its language and traditions before taking part in a hands-on cookery class. On Monday, kids make delicious focaccia in our “Discover Italian Bread Making” class. Everyone loves pizza, so the “Hands-On Pizza Making” session on Tuesday is sure to be popular. Wednesday promises to be one of the most exciting classes as everyone helps to make “Italian Pasta from Scratch”! As the week draws to a close, Thursday’s Weekend “Sweet Treats” cooking class features Tiramisu, the classic Italian dessert.

WEEK TWO – Cooking Around: learn how to prepare main meals – the Italian way

Meet each other and make friends on Sunday and then… “Wake up for Colazione” – that’s Italian for breakfast – as kids make tasty savoury cupcakes on Monday. The “Italian Mid-Day Meal” is a time for families and it’s in the spotlight for Tuesday’s “Pranzo: Antipasto e Primo” class, when children make Arancini & Fresh pasta, and for Wednesday’s “Pranzo: Secondo e contorno”, when Polpette is on the menu. Our little chefs “Prepare an Italian Dinner – Cena” on Thursday, and delicious Gnocchi di patate is the recipe of the day.

Dubai Kids summer camp

WEEK THREE – From Pasture to Table: it’s important that children know how to make choices that help to ensure the future health of our planet

As always, Sunday is for making new friends. Monday is all about “Seasonality and Sustainability” and kids will make their own salad from fresh, seasonal produce. It’s “Agriculture” on Tuesday as the children whip up tasty sauces from fresh vegetables. “Sustainable Seafood” is the topic of the day on Wednesday and it’s Polpette in the cookery class. On Thursday, let’s “Conserve the Environment” as we learn how to make a lollipop!

WEEK FOUR – Discover food using all your senses

After Sunday’s meet and greet, it’s down to serious business on Monday. Children are encouraged to use all of their senses when preparing Italian food with a fun “Chocolate Tasting session”. “Olive Oil Tasting” on Tuesday features olive oil gummy bears, while Wednesday’s “Bread Tasting and Matching” is followed by Rustica loaves in our cookery class. Throughout the week, kids will explore different Italian traditions and learn to speak a few words of Italian – just in time for Thursday’s “Italian Cheese & Pairings” themed day featuring Mozzarella!

Classes are held weekly and sign up is free. Call us on +971561035694 for more information!