Dubai Shopping Festival

January is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Eataly. And to celebrate this event, we took the opportunity to highlight it by participating with the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. Throughout the month, in the Dubai Mall and Dubai Festival City stores, you will be able to buy a wide selection of high quality Italian products with a 30% discount. Here is a taste of the great products on offer.

Pasta al pestoItalpesto garlic-free pesto

Italpesto has created a mild variation of Genoese pesto for those who are not keen on very pungent flavours. Prepared just like the traditional recipe with Genoese D.O.P. basil, pine nuts, D.O.P. Parmigiano Reggiano and D.O.P. Pecorino Romano, the Pesto Classico Senz’Aglio (garlic-free traditional pesto) is ideal for flavouring pasta and many other dishes with the taste and aroma of Ligurian tradition.

Biancogocce Dolce Fraietta

A classic tea biscuit enriched with the deliciousness of dark chocolate chips. The Biancogocce are neatly cut and prepared with artisan production methods to guarantee a simple and intense taste with a very special consistency. Enjoy them with a cup of tea for a simple snack or dip them in a mug of hot chocolate.

Giusti Vinegar

A great classic of the Giusti family, experts in the production of IGP Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, it is made with first choice musts to obtain a classic balance of flavours halfway between bitter and sweet. This vinegar is ideal for daily consumption and releases delicate scents of sweet and ripe fruit, interwoven with notes of licorice and black pepper. Excellent with white meat and fish dishes.

Afeltra Pasta

Afeltra Pasta is hand-made with the antique bronze drawing technique and left to dry slowly according to the oldest tradition of Gragnano. The result is an exceptional pasta which guarantees excellent resistance to cooking and a unique taste, while its rough and very porous surface makes sauces adhere to it perfectly.

OilRoi Cru Gaaci Oil

This extraordinary yellow oil is tasty and balanced and its aroma has fruity and herbaceous notes, combined with hints of green apple peel. It has a pleasantly mellow taste and a sweet palate that is enriched with notes of dried fruit and accompanied by a slightly bitter and mildly spicy aftertaste. Thanks to these characteristics, it is particularly suitable to use raw on your favourite dishes.

But this is only a small sample of the discounted products that you can find in our stores: come and discover them all!