Enjoy Eatalian Easter

Easter is an important celebration day: after fasting and living Lent (“Quaresima”, in Italian), Italians prepare themselves for a day full of celebrations. Families gather around tables, mothers and grandmothers cook from early morning until evening, children open and eat their chocolate eggs. This is the typical Italian scenery during Easter, but that’s not the only one.

Enjoy Eatalian Easter at Eataly Dubai

In Italy, people use to say “Paese che vai, usanza che trovi”, meaning that each country has its own tradition. But Italy, as a country, is an exception. Traditions vary from region to region, even from village to village, and the same happens at Easter.
As a matter of fact, we could mention many recipes, both savour and sweet, coming from all part of Italy: casatiello, a special pie made with eggs, cured meats and cheese, typical from Naples and Campania region, lamb dishes, typical from all Italy, but following different recipes depending on the region (for example in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and Lombardy it is baked and served with potato, while in Sicily it is topped with rosemary and onion), and, last but not least, colomba, a sweet Easter cake with candied fruits and covered with almonds and sugar, and chocolate eggs.

Colomba reunites Italians all

Although Colomba was apparently born in the northern Italy, people from all regions use to celebrate Easter with Colomba. A legend recalls the Longobardic King Alboino, who managed to conquer the city of Pavia. People from this town tried to curry favour by cooking cakes and sweets: it is said that they conquered the King’s heart by preparing a special and delicious cake with the shape of a dove.

In modern times, the producer Dino Villani from Milan and his company Motta were undoubtedly the forerunners for the colomba production across the country.
Piedmont region followed these steps as well: many and many producers started making colomba, each one follwing its own recipe.

Colomba selection at Eataly Dubai

Our selection of Colomba

At Eataly stores you’ll really be spoiled for choice.
For our colombe we chose the producer Tommaso Muzzi, who was founded by Tommaso in 1795. For 80 years they keep using natural yeast in all their recipes, mixing tradition with handcrafted techniques and modern production.
At Eataly stores, you can find a great selection of Muzzi’s colombe, such as Colomba Gran Cioccolato, a colomba cake baked with chocolate chips and covered with chocolate glaze, Colomba amarena, baked with Fabbri amarenas and then covered with pearled sugar and almonds, or Colomba pesca e yogurt, baked with fresh peaches and yogurt, then topped with pearled sugar and almonds.
And for all those who would like to have even a small bite of colomba, Muzzi proposes also its Colombina, a mini colomba in two different versions: the classic and the chocolate ones.

But which one to try? Difficult to say, you’d better to taste them all! We are waiting for you at Eataly Dubai stores!