Eataly market: the place to be for Italian food lovers

In Italy, enjoying good food is a way of life. Our Eataly marketplaces celebrate that fact by gathering together the best authentic produce from different regions of the “Belpaese”. It’s the perfect environment for becoming an instant expert on Italian cooking, and just the inspiration you need to cook up fantastic Italian feasts in your own kitchen: here you can find a huge variety of products to drink and eat, sweet and savory, directly from the best Italian producers, made with high quality raw materials and traditional processes. That’s why Eataly market is an unmissable experience for those who love authentic Italian taste!

Eataly Arabia market

Get baking with real Italian flour

Eataly flours are made with stone milling techniques handed down through centuries. These preserve the character of the wheat germ, resulting in bread and baked goods packed with flavour. Enjoy them with a drizzling of Italian honey or jam from our in-store marketplace; alternatively, if you prefer salty food, try it with our great selection of cheeses and cured meats!

Tasty handmade pasta

There were once over 250 varieties of pasta in Italy. Nowadays only about a fifth are still in use, but the good news is that Eataly offers lots of examples to test out in your own home. Authentic pasta is shaped by hand with bronze moulds and made from durum wheat – which allows for that that firm consistency the Italians refer to as “al dente”.

Flavoursome sauces

Different shapes of pasta work well with different kinds of sauces. For example, thin, fragile varieties of pasta like spaghetti are best paired with a sauce that’s light and fruity. Needless to say, you’ll find a whole host of authentic Italian sauces and conserves on our shelves. Why not give them an extra kick with our selection of spices? And once you’ve created the perfect meal, finish it off with a shaving of truffle!

Olive oil

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

The Italians make hundreds of different kinds of olive oil, with slight variations in soil and climate giving rise to subtle changes in flavour. To discover these for yourself, taste some of our olive oil brands with dipping bread. Drizzled on salads and mains, balsamic vinegar is another essential meal-time companion. The best balsamic vinegar is aged in vintage casks. We stock ours from venerable companies like Guisti, which has been in business since 1605.

Rice for risottos and fritters

The types of rice popular in Italy – such as Arborio and Carnaroli – tend to be short-grained, which gives them a distinctively plump, sticky texture, allowing them to soak up flavour from sauces and spicy ingredients. Eataly sources authentic varieties from esteemed producers such as Gallo and Gli Aironi.

Cakes and desserts

Whether it’s a slice of panettone on the New Year or a fruity gelato on a summer’s evening, the Italians definitely have a sweet tooth. Our shelves are crammed with sugary treats to round off your meal, such as ice-cream from Venchi, authentic Milanese pastries cakes from G. Cova, fine chocolates from Domori and jams and conserves from Scyavuru.

Italian coffee

Relax with a coffee

Italy is the home of coffee culture. All kinds of rules have grown up around it: for example, did you know that Italians frown upon ordering a cappuccino or any other kind of milky coffee after 11 a.m.? Eataly stocks aromatic coffee blends dark-roasted the Italian way with rich Arabica and Robusta beans, plus selections of fragrant herbal teas, Alpine spring water and fruit juices crammed with vitamins.

Eataly market: a unique place

And it’s not over here! These are just some of the Italian excellences you can find in the Eataly market: a unique place that gives you a variety of specialties that you cannot find in any other store. Come and visit us: it will be like a ride at the same time in the markets of all the Italian regions!