Enjoy your favourite Italian dishes at home!

Do you have a very hectic life? Do your commitments leave you very little time to devote to cooking and good food? From today you will no longer have to give up quality and good taste! Our stores in Dubai and Riyadh are launching food delivery service!

Food delivery service

Eataly’s dishes in the comfort of your home

Thanks to this new service, you can receive comfortably at home (or wherever you like!) the specialties of true Italian tradition, cooked in the moment by our chefs and delivered to your door as good as freshly made. You can choose from all your favourite Italian dishes: from the most famous symbols of Italy, such as pizza, rich meats and salad dishes, to sandwiches and irresistible desserts from our pastry.

Food delivery service

Your Eatalian meal on Deliveroo and on Hunger Station!

Are you ready to enjoy the high quality of Eataly even at home? If you live in Dubai, you can already order your Eatalian meal directly on Deliveroo! Furthermore, since April, our delivery service will be launched in Riyadh too: you will be able to order on Hunger Station.

Buon appetito!