Test yourself with Italian Fresh pasta!

In Italy homemade fresh pasta is more than a tradition. It is a childhood memory, a moment of happiness and conviviality, but it also represents care and attention towards what we bring to the table.

Fresh pasta, as we know it, has developed along two main lines, the Asian and the Mediterranean. In the countries of central Italy and in the southern ones, the dough is made of water and durum wheat semolina, while in the northern regions, due to the more humid climate, the dough is mainly composed of soft wheat flour and eggs.

Preparing fresh pasta at home requires time and patience: from the North to the South, everyone has their own technique, giving rise to unique types of pasta, tasty and satisfying. Tagliatelle, orecchiette, trofie, ravioli, and much more, if made at home they have a completely different taste: try it!

Would you like to test yourself and make a traditional Italian recipe? Discover the recipe of fresh Genoese trophies!

Trofie with pesto

Fresh Genoese Trofie

For the trophies

Durum wheat semolina 400g

Water 220ml

Salt, 1 pinch

Garlic, 1 clove

Extra virgin olive oil 100ml


For the pesto

Basil 25g

Extra virgin olive oil 50g

Parmigiano Reggiano 35g

Pecorino 15g

Pine nuts 8g

Coarse salt 1 pinch

Garlic (choice)

The preparation

– Put flour and salt in a bowl and add water. Meanwhile, knead with your hands, until you get a compact and firm dough. Cover with a cloth and let stand for 30 minutes. After that, grab one piece from the dough and give it the shape of a peanut. Press lightly with your index finger and slide the ends obliquely to create the spiral effect of the trofie. Repeat until you’ve got the number of trophies you need.

– As for the pesto preparation, peel the garlic and place it into the mixer or mortar. It is the first ingredient that needs to be crushed together with some basil leaves. Add a pinch of coarse salt and crush with the mortar (or blend with the mixer)

– When the leaves are a nice green color, add Parmesan, pecorino and pine nuts, pour the extra virgin olive oil and continue to crush with energy. Once a homogeneous mixture is obtained, the pesto will be ready.

– Boil water, add salt and fresh trophies. Cook for two minutes, until the trophies rise on the surface. Add the cold pesto, mix with the pasta, and serve.