The secrets of Eataly bread

Who said that change is always the solution? When it comes to food and wine, for example, loyalty to tradition can be rewarding. This is the case for Mulino Marino, Eataly’s partner for all bakery goods, which has been producing organic flours and flour-based products for 60 years, always focusing on the same recipe.

Eataly Arabia bread

Always organic

The company was founded by Felice Marino in 1956, after he purchased the municipal mill of Cossano Belbo, in Piedmont, and it was among the first to support organic farming, at a historic moment when more and more refined flours were being placed on the market. The company has come a long way since its foundation and has been producing only certified organic flour since 2007.

The advantages of stone grinding

All Mulino Marino flours are organic and most of them, including all of the wholemeal varieties, are in fact ground with natural stones from French quarries, renowned for their hardness. Unlike artificial stone machinery, the mills of the Mulino Marino must be periodically hammered by hand to achieve the right degree of roughness. Moreover, they turn much more slowly than the artificial ones and do not overheat the grains, thus the fibre, water-soluble vitamins and all the precious nutritive elements present in the grain are preserved.

Eataly Arabia bread

Handmade products

After grinding, the Mulino Marino flour is combined with water and yeast to create genuine, artisan breads, prepared by hand every day in Eataly shops and baked in wood-burning ovens. All the stages of processing are done manually by our bakers and that is why every loaf of bread we make has a different shape and colour. Here are our most loved products!

  • The Rustic is Eataly’s best-selling bread. It is made with 50% type 0 and 50% type 2 (semi-wholemeal), naturally stone ground flour. It is the result of a process that takes at least 12 hours from making the dough to baking the bread. The result is very tasty and digestible bread, with a crispy crust and golden colour.
  • Using the Rustic as a base, we created some variants that are greatly appreciated by our customers, by adding some high quality, traditional Italian, raw materials, for example, the Rustic with olives, the Rustic with Parmesan, the Rustic with walnuts and the Rustic with raisins, characterised by a touch of sweetness.
  • The Otto tondo [Eight round] owes its name to its shelf life and shape: its large round shape and the large amount of yeast in the dough mean it stays good for 8 days. It is rich in trace elements and water-soluble vitamins and made exclusively with natural stone ground type 2 Buratto flour.
  • Pane di segale – Rye bread is a good and healthy bread. This is because it has a unique taste and the aroma of grain fields and because its beneficial properties bring great benefits to our body. This bread is in fact a source of vitamins and substances of vital importance for our body, such as potassium, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.
  • Rustic integrale – Wholemeal bread is produced with “real” wholemeal flour. As the grain of wheat is ground whole by natural stone, all the most important components, such as fibre, water-soluble vitamins and the live germ, are preserved. Our wholemeal bread is made with natural yeast and fermented bread dough to increase its digestibility, taste and aroma.

We make bread throughout the day and the bakeries are open and well-stocked at all times: come and visit us in our shops to discover real Italian bread!