Tomatoes all year round: preserves and sauces suitable for all tastes!

Tomatoes are one of the most important ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and are widely used in traditional Italian cuisine. They are excellent in recipes and can also be enjoyed raw when they are in season, i.e. in late spring and summer. There is a way to enjoy the flavour of tomatoes all through the year: eat high quality preserves of Eataly, which are available in all seasons.

Italian tomato sauces

Tomato preserves

At the base of many traditional Italian dishes, there are whole tomato preserves, peeled tomatoes, tomato pulp, tomato puree and tomato sauce:

  • whole tomato preserves simply contain the tomatoes just like they are found naturally, preserved in their juices: if you want to try one, you can taste the delicious unpeeled Whole Datterino tomatoes preserved in tomato juice, available in Eataly stores;
  • peeled tomatoes are nothing more than whole tomatoes that are skinned, lightly cooked and preserved in tomato juice. An example would be Antonella peeled tomatoes, an example of Italian excellence, available all over the world;
  • tomato pulp is made of tomatoes cut into cubes, deseeded and preserved in juice;
  • tomato puree consists of minced tomatoes, often enriched with herbs and flavours, preserved with or without skin and seeds, depending on the preparation. Why not come to Eataly shops to buy authentic tomato puree with basil-Riolfi?
  • tomato sauce is cooked and prepared with slightly-fried onions, celery and oil, as in the case of Yellow datterini tomatoes sauce with basil.

Italian tomato sauces

Sauces with tomato

But it does not end here: because tomato preserves can also be the key ingredient for many tasty sauces, for fish or vegetable dishes:

  • Campisi’s seafood sauce, for example, it is prepared with Pachino tomato sauce, anchovies, octopus, squid, calamari, cuttlefish, capers and chilli pepper: a real delight for those who love sea food;
  • red pesto of Niasca Portofino is the union of tomato and pesto: tasty and delicious;
  • De Carlo sauce with artichokes and ricotta is prepared with typical Pugliese tomato pulp and artichokes of the Violetto di Brindisi variety, to which ricotta, garlic and salt are added;
  • Ursini puttanesca sauce combines tomato with capers, olives and a pinch of chilli.

A world of sauces

And many more: the world of sauces is limitless that bestows great satisfactions. An ideal solution for those who do not have much time but want to try authentic and traditional Italian flavours. Come to Eataly stores and discover your favourite sauces!