Kids: come and create your own pizza!

In February, pizza is a major player in our stores. With a huge range of pizzas available to try and the chance for youngsters to show off their pizza-making skills, it’s going to be a lot of fun. So if you’re in Dubai, Riyadh or Doha, get down to one of our locations and get stuck in.

Pizza kids classes

Why we love pizza so much

As Italians, it’s not surprising that we are massive pizza fans. Pizza’s one of our most important exports and you’ll struggle to find an Italian who doesn’t have their favourite variety. Well, we say that it’s an Italian creation, but actually the origins of pizza are more complex. Thousands of years ago, Greek colonists settled in what became Naples, bringing their flatbreads with them. These breads became the food of the poor, who added local ingredients like tomato, eventually creating something like modern pizza. The dish only really became a national speciality in the 19th century, spurred on by the adoption of pizza by Italy’s Queen Margherita. Inspired by the green (of basil), the red (of tomato) and the white (of mozzarella), the Queen helped to spread Neapolitan pizza across Italy and then the world.

Join the kids pizza-making classes at Eataly Arabia’s stores

These days, pizza is a dish that children in particular adore. It’s easy to share, full of flavour and can be customised however you like it – all things that appeal to kids. Your child might well be a pizza fanatic for those reasons. But have they ever discovered how much fun it is to make their own? Now is the perfect time to give them the opportunity. At Eataly Arabia stores kids can create their own pizzas: all of our restaurants are running live “pizza stations” where young diners can learn skills from the experts. Who knows, it could be the start of a glittering culinary career? If nothing else, our classes are a whole lot of fun.

If you’d like to join one of the courses, sign up online or contact our teams in the region to find out more:

Eataly Dubai Mall – AED 37 – +971568298254

Eataly Dubai Festival City – AED 37 – +97142241083

Eataly Riyadh – SR 37 – +966596133028

Eataly Doha Mall of Qatar – QR 35 – +97440214700

Eataly Doha Festival City – QR 35 – +97440285055