Lobster Italian style

Lobster. This jewel of the sea has long been considered a luxurious delicacy. In Italian, however, the word lobster can actually refer to two different shellfish: astice and aragosta. With their hard red shell and spiny legs, aragosta look more like crabs with a slender body and curled tail. Aragosta do not have pinchers and are usually called spiny lobsters or langouste. Astice are what most people think of when the word lobster comes to mind. With gigantic pinchers in the front, astice have a dark blue shell that turns a brilliant red when cooked. But perhaps the reason Italians have two names for lobster is because this shellfish has inspired many a culinary delight in the country’s world famous culinary tradition. Lobster both grilled and steamed, pasta swimming in a rich lobster sauce, tender lobster risotto, even lobster-topped pizza: these are but a few of the ways Italian chefs have found to coax out the unique flavour of astice.

Lobster menu

Eataly Arabia’s exclusive December Astice menu

To celebrate lobster done Italian style, Eataly Arabia stores have created a special fresh Astice menu for December. Come indulge in Linguine all’Astice, the famous Italian pasta topped with a rich seafood broth and fresh lobster. If risotto is more your speed, we’re also offering Risotto all’Astice, a homemade lobster bisque with fresh whole lobster which has been lovingly simmered for five long hours. Or maybe you want to go for Italy’s signature dish with an extravagant twist, Pizza con l’Astice, with mozzarella fior di latte, diced carrots, celery, onions and scrumptious fresh lobster. Last but not least, we also designed two classic lobster meals. Astice alla Catalana features a whole steamed lobster, served piping hot next to a mixed green salad with red onion, celery, tomatoes, basil, and drizzled with honey balsamic dressing. Or, if you prefer your lobster grilled, you can opt for Astice alla Griglia, which includes grilled lobster alongside fennel salad tossed in honey balsamic dressing extra virgin olive oil and your choice of side dish. Come to Eataly this December and feast on sumptuous lobster served up Italian style. Buon appetito!