Breakfast is getting a makeover!

Days at Eataly have a “new” beginning! A new breakfast menu is available in all stores, with many new treats to satisfy all palates.

The new Eataly breakfast menu

A sweet and savoury menu

The new menu is a mixture of sweet and savoury delicacies. The specialties include combos consisting of a hot drink, orange juice and your choice of sweet or savoury delights. There are also many excellent dishes made from organic eggs: uova al tegamino, a trio of fried eggs served sunny side up; uova strapazzate, i.e. scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bread or with mushrooms and black truffles; uova in camicia, poached eggs with smoked salmon in a bed of mashed avocado; baked egg and omelette.

The new Eataly breakfast menu

Pizza alla pala and Panini

Another excellent choice is  pizza alla pala, a traditional Roman-style pizza that you can try in many different flavours. Then there are our homemade sandwiches, artisan panini with turkey and cheese, tomato and mozzarella and smoked salmon and avocado. And for those who want a feast of vitamins and fibre, there is fruit salad, muesli and yogurt, plain or with granola.

The new Eataly breakfast menu

Is your mouth watering just a little bit? We’ll be waiting for you every morning. With breakfast at Eataly, days have a different flavour!