New year, new food!

“New year, new life”, as we usually say in Italy. Indeed, the beginning of a new year is always an excellent opportunity to re-think your ideas and arm yourself with willpower by listing all your positive resolutions for the following 12 months. There are those who focus on sport, those who want to learn a new activity, those who vow to indulge less and even those who commit themselves to adopting better eating habits.

Eataly Doha Festival City market grocery

Choose quality!

As far as we understand it, this doesn’t mean starting strict diets and depriving ourselves of the pleasures of eating, but simply paying attention to the quality and provenance of the foods we eat. Because genuine products, made with care and with excellent raw ingredients are not only tastier, they are also better for our bodies. In Eataly stores, we are committed to carefully selecting the best Made in Italy products from certified producers every day. The offer constantly varies, but there are some iconic products that represent us and stand out for their high quality and taste.


We are very strict about oil, because it is one of those ingredients that must absolutely be excellent quality in order to be able to give personality to dishes, whether used raw or in cooking. Italy has the widest variety of olives in the world, which our selected producers use to produce the dozens of different oils found on our shelves, all of which are made according to traditional processes. They range from more delicate types, like Ligurian ROI oil, to those with a stronger taste, whether smooth or flavoured.


The production of honey has very ancient origins in Italy. Created thanks to the industriousness of bees, this artisanal product can be an excellent substitute for sugar, as it is better appreciated by our bodies and also by our palates. You can find many different varieties in Eataly stores in the Middle East, from acacia to orange, and from chestnut to millefiori. Come and find out more!



Despite being based on simple ingredients like flour and water, pasta production is an art that involves a huge variety of shapes and sizes. All the products we sell come from artisans such as Afeltra and Il Pastaio, who follow tradition and use bronze drawing moulds before drying the dough for 24-48 hours. This process provides the ideal conditions for making the pasta firm and perfect for being served with sauces.


We have hundreds of high quality sauces and preserves, all packed in containers and cans that are mostly recyclable or biodegradable. Our sauces are made by trusted producers such as Campisi and Niasca Portofino without preservatives, and they follow the traditional Italian recipes from regional gastronomy. In this way, their taste retains the unique qualities of the raw ingredients.


All Eataly’s drinks are natural. No artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives are used. They range from tasty, natural soft drinks to mineral water from the best sources, up to fruit juices that are as delicious as freshly picked fruit.

New year, new life: so come to Eataly stores to step your eating habits up a gear!