New Year’s Eve: the perfect view of the fireworks of DFC

Italians love to celebrate the turning of the year, and New Year’s Eve is one of the year’s most important feast days. It’s a time to celebrate family and abundance, and to hope for a fertile, prosperous year ahead. So it’s no surprise that it’s a time when Italians really eat well. At Eataly Arabia, we celebrate just as much as the folks back home, but we also love to share the enjoyment with our Middle Eastern customers. That’s why we will be offering a special range of New Year’s delights in our Eataly Dubai Festival City store, and we hope you’ll come to join us: in addition to sampling authentic Italian specialities, you can enjoy the spectacular laser show of the Burj Khalifa and the fireworks of Dubai Festival City with a special, privileged view!

New year's eve at Dubai festival City

Introducing Italy’s New year’s eve food traditions

Wherever we go in the world, we Italians can’t separate the New Year from fine food. For instance, it’s common for Italians to eat coin-shaped snacks as the New Year arrives, to symbolize wealth and success in the future. It is also customary to eat dried figs or grapes after the meal, to symbolize the saving of food from that year’s harvest to help families through the winter months. Then there are other seasonal favourites like shrimps cocktail, lasagna, insalata russa, cotechino and lentils, or stuffed meatloaf. When the meal’s done we sometimes also use the New Year as an excuse to throw out the cookware we no longer need. On occasion, this can get a little bit too enthusiastic when pans are thrown into the street, so we tend to avoid that tradition!

Branzino al forno


Enjoy our classic New year’s eve dinner

Instead, we’ve come up with a delicious sample of Italy’s traditional New Year’s dishes for foodies to savour: you’ll find all four courses, just as you would in Rome or Milan – from antipasti, to the primi piatti, the secondi, and finally the dessert. You will start with 2 antipasti: a sformato al Parmigiano served with pumpkin or lemon and a carpaccio of tuna with an orange salad. After that, the primo piatto is cappello con carne e spinaci (cappelli pasta with beef and spinach); then, there’s a triple choice among filetto di agnello (roasted rack of lamb), filetto di branzino al forno (seabass fillet cooked in the oven served with caponata) and petto di pollo alla griglia (chicken breast marinated with fresh herbs served with caponata) as the secondi. And the dessert is a gorgeous crostatina crema cotta with gelato or a sorpresa al cioccolato, a dome-shaped dark chocolate ganache filled with milk chocolate mousse. New Year’s Eve menu price is 350AED and you can enjoy a 50% discount for Kids below 12 years.

There’s no better way to start or end a year of delicious dining. So, if you want to try an high quality and innovative (… not to mention spectacular!) New year’s eve menu come to Eataly Dubai Festival City store: for reservations call us on +971 4 2241 083 to book in advance!