The Niasca Portofino project

The Niasca Portofino project was born from the passion of residents and visitors to the village, with the aim of rediscovering local traditions, promoting and enhancing the territory.

In 2013 begins the recovery of abandoned agricultural land, a complex job of cleaning and terracing, an investment aimed not only at production but also at the recovery of the territory. Five hectares of olive trees, vines, fruit trees, citrus fruits, aromatic herbs, including many indigenous varieties that had almost disappeared.

With the local products and those coming from other small farms in the area, Niasca Portofino produces Tigullio lemonade; Nostralino wine, made with hand-picked Vermentino and Genoese bianchetta grapes; the sauce Ö Magazín, a simple tomato sauce enriched with sautéed vegetables; jams of apricot, figs, lemons and oranges, oils and tomato sauces from the Ligurian tradition.

Portofino, the pearl of Italian Riviera

Portofino is one of the most beautiful villages in the world, set among the cliffs of the Ligurian Riviera, an international tourism destination for over a century. However, over the years the town has been partly suffocated by this success, concentrating all the activities in the suggestive Piazzetta and leaving out the rest of the country and the surrounding countryside.


For this very reason Niasca Portofino has taken over an old ruin that had been abandoned for more than twenty years and turned it into Fondaco, the headquarters of the company, a few minutes’ walk from the Piazzetta. The Fondaco represents a real bridge between the centre of tourist life and the countryside, and is the place where the offices, the teaching room, the research laboratory, the mill and the shop were settled down. The building was renovated with the collaboration of the English artist David Tremlett, who adapted his geometric aesthetics to the walls of the structure using the colours of the houses of the village, while in the interiors he created site-specific drawings to highlight the link between his work and place, which he has known and attended for many years.

Eataly and the Niasca Portofino project

Eataly has chosen Niasca Portofino because it is a project whose main aim is enhancing the territory and the agricultural traditions, bringing the flavours and aromas of an enchanting corner of the Ligurian coast to Italy and the world.

Niasca Portofino beverages

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Limonata: 100% Italian product, the Limonata is produced with Tigullio lemons and elder flower. A pleasant and delicate beverage perfect to refresh during hot summer days.
Mandarinata: a fresh and natural drink dominated by the scent of tangerine and iris flowers.

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