Ramadan: a time for sharing (platters!)

During Ramadan, Eataly offers special Iftar sharing platters in its restaurants, great dishes to share ideal for 2 or 4 people. Three alternatives to please the lovers of Italian tradition, but also meat, fish and desserts, all available in all shops in Dubai, Riyadh and Doha.

Ramadan sharing platters

Sharing platter Pasta & Pizza

The first alternative is the ideal for those who go crazy for the symbols of Italian tradition! After a selection of antipasti, along with your family and friends you can taste some typical pastas and pizzas, from classics like pizza margherita and spaghetti carbonara up to richer dishes such as pizza with sausage and mushrooms and Ravioli with pesto (Ravioli al pesto liquido).

Ramadan sharing platters

Sharing platter Meat & Fish

However those who prefer main courses, that is meat and fish, will be satisfied with the second alternative. After having started off the dinner with our rich antipasti, you can eat a selection of our best meat and fish offers: so many varieties of tasty meat skewers, chicken and roasted potatoes and the best vegetables.

Ramadan sharing platters

Sharing platter Sweet fest

If you don’t know what to choose among the specialities of our Pasticceria, the Sweet fest sharing platter is for you. You can delight your palate with a mix of our most delicious desserts, from tiramisù to Sicilian cannoli, up to the vanilla cream puff.

Ramadan sharing platters

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Have you chosen your preferred sharing platter? We’re waiting for you in Eataly stores: give yourself the gift of a Ramadan of sharing and… of taste!