The Eataly Story

2007-2017. Eataly is celebrating its tenth anniversary: an excellent opportunity to stop and reflect, look back before heading towards an even more exciting future. The achievements and the emotions experienced in these ten years are many. Indeed, the first dating back to well before 2007.

Before Eataly: 5 years of research

Back in 2002, the year when Oscar Farinetti draws the first draft of the Eataly store, the company began a careful scouting and looking for companies and brands that shared common values: focus on quality, environmental and economic sustainability, accountability and respect for the people behind them. For this wonderful task we partnered with the Slow Food, and we now collaborate with more than 2,000 producers all over the world.

The first location

After five years of research and hard work, the first Eataly Torino opened its doors on January 27th, 2007.  The first location built in the industrial area of the city of Turin within the former Carpano liquor factory. From that date forward, Eataly has been creating harmonious places in which allow visitors to eat authentic Italian cuisine, shop at sustainable prices and learn about high-quality Italian food and drink.

Eataly NY

Eataly lands in the big apple

Before opening the first location in the US, Eataly opened in the city of Bologna in 2008, followed by our first ever location in Asia, Tokyo Daikanyama and two more Italian locations. In 2010 Eataly celebrates the opening of Eataly New York Flatiron giving away a free apple to all customers in homage to the city. Eataly NY Flatiron becomes one of the most visited attractions in Manhattan.

Eataly Rome, the largest of them all

Eataly continued its expansion opening a location in the coastal city of Genoa, in commemoration of this occasion, Oscar Farinetti embarked on a sailing trip with Giovanni Soldini from the port of Genoa to New York.  In 2012, Eataly Rome opened the doors to this fascinating, 16,000 square meter shop, located in the former Ostiense station.

Eataly Roma

Eataly charms the Middle East

In 2013 Eataly opens its first Middle Eastern location in the city of Istanbul, a symbolic place for Oscar Farinetti since he became inspired by the beauty and offer of the city’s Grand Bazar for the creation of Eataly. After this Eataly opened its first location in the USA and a second store in the US, in Chicago.

Eataly Milano Smeraldo

The world becomes Eatalian

Eataly continues its expansion with the opening of Eataly Milano in the former Smeraldo Theater in 2014.  And in 2015, Eataly brings authentic Italian cuisine and products to Sao Paolo, Brazil, the first location in South America, Seoul in South Korea and Munich, Germany, the first European store.
2016 marks the year of Eataly’s international success, with six highly prestigious openings: New York Downtown, in the prestigious setting of the new World Trade Center, Boston, the second location in the UAE with Dubai Festival City, and its first locations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Doha in Qatar, and Copenhagen in Denmark.

Eataly Dubai Festival City

The first 10 years of our future

The rewards and achievements have been many, but of course, we are not satisfied. These first ten years have served mainly to figure out what we did well and what we did wrong, and to practice these teachings from here on out.

The future looks bright

The Eataly family will continue to grow, and the future looks bright. The first stop is Trieste, with the new store within the beautiful former wine warehouse of the city overlooking the ocean. After this Eataly goes to Hollywood with a Los Angeles location, Las Vegas, Stockholm, Toronto, Paris, and London. Eataly will also embark on a new and exciting project: FICO Eataly World, a huge farm outside the city of Bologna dedicated to Italian biodiversity, within fields, farms, laboratories, markets, restaurants and educational centers.

Our cornerstones

Many new ideas, openings, and changes, but some things remain the same: that is, the attention to quality, the culture of eating well and using that immediate language that characterizes the communication of Eataly since its inception. Because food is our passion before our job: so every day we strive to communicate our simple philosophy, eat better, live better.