Venchi, fine Italian chocolate

In 1878 Silvano Venchi was a young chocolate lover from Turin who had just turned twenty. He had spent the last four years working at a confectionery workshop, learning the ‘trade’ and putting aside some savings, enough to buy two bronze melting pots and open a chocolate shop of his own.
That is how the history of this great company began. Today it produces more than 350 varieties of chocolate and exports all over the world.

Venchi chocolate

A chocolate atelier

After opening the chocolate shop, at the beginning of 1900s, Silvano Venchi became known as a chocolate atelier throughout Piedmont and his name was linked to a product which is still among the company’s most popular: Nougatine, a bon-bon of chopped and caramelised Piedmont hazelnuts covered with extra dark chocolate.

New dimensions, same values

Over the years the small company transformed into an increasingly structured organisation and in 2000 merged with another historic brand, Pietro Cussino’s Cuba, famous for its ‘Cuneesi al Rum’ truffles: a dark chocolate shell enveloping a soft rum cream.
The size may have changed but the values ​​are still the same: passion, quality, authenticity, reliability and ethics. Many recipes have remained the same as a century ago and most of the work is still carried out by hand, by skilled artisans.


A chocolate that tastes of Piedmont

The taste of Venchi chocolate is deeply linked to the land and traditions of Piedmont: the gianduja, chocolate slabs, pralines and spreads are all characterised by an unmistakable Italian flavour. The Piedmont hazelnut IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) is the undisputed star of the production. This is closely followed by the best varieties of cocoa from Latin America and West Africa, selected at the source to get the perfect balance of aromas and flavours. So an excellent chocolate is created that is not only high quality but also balanced in taste; always pleasant and never sour or bitter.

Venchi ice cream

Venchi and a fine ice cream

That’s not all: after having established itself as one of the leaders in fine chocolate, since 2006 Venchi has expanded its range and also produces ice cream by selecting only the best natural ingredients, without the use of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids.

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