Oct. 25th is World Pasta Day!

For 19 years this international day has been dedicated to the history of pasta, its nutritional qualities and gastronomic traditions from all over the world, and this year it will be held in Sao Paolo.

Eataly is also joining in the celebrations of this food, which is symbolic of Italy and the Mediterranean diet but has surpassed national boundaries with its many types, shapes and flavours. Let’s get ready for October 25th by discovering the magnificent world of pasta together!

World Pasta Day

Pasta mainly comes in either dry or fresh form. The former is prepared with durum wheat semolina and water, while the dough used for the latter also includes ingredients such as soft wheat flour and eggs.  The most famous dry pasta in Italy is Gragnano, the quality of which is guaranteed by IGP or PGI status (Protected Geographical Indication). Its land of origin lies in the Campania region of Southern Italy, specifically Gragnano, a small village in the province of Naples where pasta is a tradition going back centuries. Gragnano pasta is better because it is prepared with selected durum wheat semolina and water sourced locally in the Lattari Mountains. It is then bronze-drawn and dried at low temperatures (40°-80°C) for a period of between 6 and 60 hours. Our favourite producer is the award-winning Afeltra pasta maker, which has produced excellent quality pasta in the historic centre of Gragnano since 1848.

When it comes to fresh pasta, every region has its own tradition. In Northern Italy, stuffed pastas such as ravioli, agnolotti and tortellini are traditionally popular, while the preference in the central region and in the south is for pasta such as lasagna, spaghetti alla chitarra and tonnarelli, strascinati and orecchiette. Eataly offers a vast range of fresh pasta in its refrigerators, as well as a lot of dry pasta, which can be stored for longer. We recommend trying the fresh tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce, or the stuffed tortelli with butter and sage!

Truffle ravioli

Of course we shouldn’t forget about whole-wheat pasta, which is rich in fibre and vitamins and a great choice for those looking for healthier, tastier pasta.

Eataly Arabia’s stores will also be actively participating in the World Pasta Day, proposing many initiatives from October 21st to 26th.

  • In the stores, there will be demonstrations on the preparation of pasta and tastings of different pastas will be offered.
  • In the market, a wide variety of dry pasta and fresh pasta, belonging to all Italian regions will be offered.
  • On October 25th, in the stores of Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Riyadh and Doha, a cooking class dedicated to pasta will be organised.
  • Many traditional Italian pasta dishes will be offered in restaurants.
  • In the market, you will be able to buy special combinations of pasta and sauces, designed to enhance the characteristics of both.

Come and discover the World Pasta Day in Eataly Arabia’s stores. Happy Pasta Day!