Eataly Doha Mall of Qatar


Choose your favourite dishes from our extensive menu which includes all of the traditional Italian cuisine: from symbolic pasta and pizza dishes, to delicious meat, fish, and vegetable recipes, right up to delicious fried treats that can be enjoyed at lunch or dinner. But that’s not all: we also have a special kids menu!


In the cured meats and cheeses corner you’ll find platters, sample tastings and dishes featuring Italian artisan products of excellence. Halal certified cured beef and vegetables are paired with traditional cheeses: from fresh burrata mozzarella to aged delicacies such as parmesan and other regional varieties of Italian cheese.

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Our pasta makers create hand-made fresh and stuffed pasta every day, directly in the store. In addition to selling our fresh pasta, we also cook it in our dedicated corner: you’ll find gnocchi (potato dumplings), tortelli (similar to ravioli), lasagna and other handmade delights, seasoned with meat, fish or vegetarian sauces.


Eataly’s panini bar offers a selection of delicious sandwiches for a quick but tasty bite. The sandwiches are made with fresh bread, baked in our ovens then filled with the best ingredients to create surprising combinations. Every day our bakers also make sweet and savoury focaccias along with many different kinds of ‘pizza alla pala’: a thin, crispy pizza of Roman origins topped with various fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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You can choose from a variety of colourful fruit juices, smoothies and non-alcoholic cocktails made fresh on the spot at our Juice bar. Full of flavour and nutritional properties, these beverages are made with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables that have been carefully selected and grown while respecting nature and the highest of quality. And that’s not all: our Juice Bar also has soft drinks, beverages and tea to suit all tastes.

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Luca Montersino, with his prestigious healthy pastry shop Golosi di Salute, has been working with Eataly since the beginning. In his creations, absolute deliciousness is combined with a moderate use of sugar and the total absence of synthetic ingredients. Luca will accompany you on a fantastic tour of Italy among rich regional specialties that express, even in the art of pastry making, the beauty of Italian biodiversity.

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Nutella® and Eataly are iconic brands of Italian gastronomy which share a common philosophy based on high-quality food, and are inspired by a rich heritage rooted in family tradition. They have decided to join forces and invite you to discover and experience the creative use of the world-famous hazelnut and chocolate cream in croissants, crêpes, biscuits and much more.

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Illy is an Italian coffee excellence known for the quality of its products. Illy coffee has a unique taste and is the result of attentive and passionate selection of the best crus from all over the world: Central and South America, Africa and India. At the Gran Café Illy you’ll find irresistible traditional and specialty coffees: come taste them while enjoying  delectable desserts like cakes, croissants and petit fours.

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Il gelato Venchi

A paradise for gourmands run by Venchi: one of the most famous chocolate factories in Italy with over a century of experience, and also known for its Gelato; a Gelato made with carefully selected, natural and simple ingredients: fresh milk and cream, fresh fruit, sugar, eggs, real Piedmont hazelnuts (PGI), Bronte pistachios and of course, Venchi chocolate. The result is an intense, natural, creamy but light flavour.

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