Eataly Dubai Mall


Choose your favourite dishes from our extensive menu which includes all of the traditional Italian cuisine: from symbolic pasta and pizza dishes, to delicious meat, fish, and vegetable recipes, right up to delicious fried treats that can be enjoyed at lunch or dinner. But that’s not all: we also have a special breakfast menu and one that’s designed just for children!


Our pizza is made following strict rules of age-old Neapolitan tradition. We use artisanal stone-ground flours, natural yeast and extra virgin olive oil and then bake it in our oven. The result is a pizza with a tall, soft crust, left to rise for at least 24 hours, and topped with high-quality, seasonal ingredients according to typical Italian tradition. Our pizza won the 2014-2015 UAE Best Pizza Award.

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You can taste one of the symbols of Italian gastronomy in the pasta restaurant. Our dishes are prepared with durum wheat pasta from Gragnano, where it is produced by the award-winning pasta factory Afeltra using high-quality semolina, then naturally dried and bronze-drawn. You’ll find it combined with more traditional Italian sauces such as tomato and basil, amatriciana (tomato and veal bacon), Bolognese (meat sauce) and arrabbiata (spicy tomato) sauces.

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Le Insalate

Calling them salads does not do them justice! Come and check out our healthy, colourful recipes for a light but very rich meal. A fun mix of vegetables, cereals, cheeses, meat and fish for those who love eating well with taste and careful attention.

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A rich selection of dishes made using only the freshest and most natural seasonal vegetables: soups, main courses and salads that feature vegetables accompanied from time to time with meat, fish, seeds and grains. The ideal solution for an excellent, light meal.

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Many tasty alternatives for starting your Italian meal in the best possible way. You can choose from hot and cold dishes, including cold cuts and cheeses, vegetarian recipes, fish specialties and fried delicacies. All genuine traditional Italian recipes prepared using high quality ingredients.

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We can fry everything at Eataly. In the fried foods corner, you’ll find fried chicken, fish, mozzarella, chips and arancini (a type of Sicilian street food consisting of balls of rice with various types of fillings). All these ingredients are gently fried in extra virgin olive oil and served at the table, making for tasty meals. And that’s not all: the menu also includes delicious risottos made according to Italian tradition.

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There’s nothing better than sharing food! That’s why we suggest our sharing platters, with generous portions for 2 people that have been crafted to allow you to sample some of the classics of Italian tradition: starters, cheeses, pizza, pasta, fried food and excellent meat.

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We offer high quality raw or cooked meat and fish, which is served as an appetizer or a main course. Our sustainable seafood can be enjoyed as Carpaccio, baked, grilled or in a soup. Our meat, instead, is a careful selection of the best cuts of chicken, beef, veal and lamb: meatballs in tomato sauce, sliced fillet of beef, veal cutlet, Florentine steak (T-bone) and more, all accompanied by excellent side dishes.

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The realm for meat lovers, the Rotisserie offers a selection of appetizers, ready-made meals, sandwiches and roasted and spit-meat dishes, in particular chicken. A tasty corner where you can buy a delicious, quick meal.

kids menu

Kids menu is a rich selection of the most popular Italian dishes for the youngest, from pasta with simple and genuine sauces to pizza, from mozzarella to chips and piadina. Eataly is the ideal place for the whole family!

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Breakfast menu

Sweet or salty? Tasty or healthy? At Eataly breakfast is the way you want: you can find all that is good from croissants to eggs of all kinds, from yoghurt to sandwiches, up to salumi e formaggi. Start the day off on the right foot!

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